Yes Vocalist

YES: The Goliaths took the upper. Yes’s new vocalist was John Davison (Glass Hammer). Bassist Chris Squire confirmed that the parting with former vocalist Benoit David is final. The singer himself said: “As you know, the last Yes tour dates were cancelled due to my illness. On my return to Canada, the doctors advised me not to tour in the foreseeable future, so as not to lose my voice at all. I was demolished by the diagnosis, but could not hide it from the group. I agreed that the best way out was to find me a temporary replacement.

Subsequently, I learned from the press that my departure from the group was final and official. In this situation, I feel endless gratitude for the opportunity presented to me to act with the band and record with her the album From Nege. ” I want to thank for the support of all the band members, the tour team, management and, of course, the fans. “

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